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New Rankings

2010 Top Discstars Throwers 1.  Zach Rex   2.  Brad Hoffman 3.  Denny Barr 4.  Pete Berkey 5.  Pee Yount 6.  Alex Green 7.  John DiSantis Sr. 8.  Rick Ortiz  9.  Wes Yocum 10.  John DiSantis Jr. 11.  Johnson E. Blaze 12.  Reid Ruhmel 13.  Dan Holmes 14.  Sean Ondush 15.  Brad Beckwith   If you

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Unami Creek Final Results

The Mighty UNAMi Results Last weeks challenge found many top throwers battling it out at the beautiful Unami Creek course in Quakertown.  Zach Rex has yet to be defeated in a Discstars event as he has now claimed his fifth title in 5 events.  The top five filled out nicely with a strong three way

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JORDAN One n’ Done

JORDAN CREEK One n’ Done   Last weekends event was great with a total of 26 competitors overall.  Pete Berkey and Chad Shanaberger finished in the top five for the first time with the discstars tour after playing as a twosome to start off the event on a beautiful Saturday morning.  Many of our top throwers

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