# 21 Sam Yocum

# 21 Sam Yocum Sam is a consistently long thrower, who parks many second shots near or at the pin.  His putting often predicts where he finishes in most of our events.  One thing is for sure, if his putter is on, he’ll probably be handing you a loss. www.DISCSTARS.com

# 22 Fernando Rojas

# 22 Fernando Rojas Fernando Rojas “The Columbian Champion”, has been a staple of the Discstars League year in and year out.  Several times Fernando has found his way into the top 5 or 10 in our tournaments with a surprisingly long backhand.  With plans to develop several courses in Columbia on the horizon, Rojas

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# 23 Nick Berg

# 23 Nick Berg Nick mastered this game rather quickly and has given me quite a run for my money every time I’ve played him personally.  As this years tour kicks in, I’m quite certain he will be in a few final stretches for a title. www.DISCSTARS.com

#24 Johnson E. Blaze

# 24 Johnson E. Blaze Johnny Blaze was a new and well balanced discgolfer who placed well in all of our events he entered.  His long drives and aggressive mastering of the game should have him ranked a lot higher in the very near future. www.DISCSTARS.com

# 25 Dan McIlhaney

# 25 Danny Mack Danny is one of our stronger throwers who is just starting to fine tune his game.  As a superb long drive shooter, Danny Mack blends his bowling expertise to find long lane drives that most competitors have had a tough time competing against. www.DISCSTARS.com

# 26 Kellen Hartz

# 26 Kellen Hartz Kellen stormed onto the scene as a rookie this past season and defeated many seasoned veterans.  As a teammate, He will often give you the best advice to bang that long putt and has an uncanny ability to get out of tough situations. www.DISCSTARS.com