#2 Brian Gunkel

# 2 Brian Gunkel Brian Gunkel has beaten us all, and if he hasn’t he will.  This guy can beat you in so many ways and in so many situations, that usually your best A+ effort is what is needed to have an earshot of victory against him.  His only surefire weakness, is himself. www.DISCSTARS.com

Another amazing day on the Disc Golf course

Just this past week, while playing an epic battle with Ryan Loveless and Aaron Santee.  An enormous Golden Eagle had swooped down and caught a fish by hole 15 at covered bridge park.  It was a memory that i’m sure none of us will soon forget. www.DISCSTARS.com

#3 Denny Barr

# 3 Denny Barr Denny has served as the godfather of Disc Golf for many players around the valley. Not only has he been an activist for the sport, but also a course designer and key representative.  His consistency from repetitive rounds is unbelievable for a 60+ year old player.  Denny has long been one of our greatest competitors

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Round the Clock Challenge!

Round’ the Clock Challenge (Glow-golf) April 9th & 10th 3PM Saturday till 10AM Sunday Tinicum Park There will be a large number of members camping at Tinicum Park in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  We will set up the course for night golf as we play 9 hole challenges for wins and losses.  This event is free

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