#28 Chad Shanaberger

# 28 Chad Shanaberger

Chad is a very good thrower with a multitude of tough angled birdies.  Placing higher in our tournaments as the years progressed, I can honestly say that with the new plastic he has purchased from Dodos Disc Golf in the Lehigh Valley he has improved 110%.  

Usually floating in the middle of the pack, Chad has found his way into the top ten in our recent tournaments.

5 thoughts on “#28 Chad Shanaberger”

  1. how bout it…i want to hear about this #9 guy…hey gunkel, playing sunday morning at jordan if your old ass, legend wanna-be bones can handle the cold…if not we will get together sometime soon.

  2. 30,29,28,27 blah blah blah. Just skip to number 2. That’s what we all wannna read anyway. Oh and i heard Zack and Jake are too scared to team up at Camp Sankanac on the 27th because they know i will be there .