Covered Bridge Final Results


1. Zach Rex +3
2. Pee Yount +4
3. Eric Spence +5
4. Denny Barr +6
5. Jesse Young +8
6. Walter Ernst +9
7. Sean Ondush +12
8. Nick Berg +19
9. Kellen Hartz +20
10. Ryan Lowe +23

All in all a great day with over 10 participants despite the extreme 40mph+ winds. We had a great group of competitors today who showed many key shots despite the windy conditions.

6 thoughts on “Covered Bridge Final Results”

  1. Unfortunately, there was no information available to me at the time of my tour creation as to the time of the victory park tournament. My original plan was to link the tour with that exact event. I know alot of guys who would play that tourney with us, and alot who would want to do their own thing. I will post a new Blog to discuss it, and change the date if enough participants can attend. I do appreciate competing with you guys immensely, but have to decide as a group.

  2. looking at the schedule you have may 9th at long trout and may 30 th at victory park. The victory park open is on may 9th. It is a 1 round tournament that starts at 1pm. cost is 10 bucks per person and lunch is provided, So i was wondering if you might want to change your victory park tour date to may 9th and the long trout to may 30th. I know that shooter, J.Z., and jake and most likely denny are playing at the victory park open on may 9th. The last 2 years i have come in second place in pro so i would like to see how i fare lefty.

  3. It was certainly a day of lay-up and be happy with your par. Several times the disc would settle next to the basket, then stand up and run 30ft away. Needless to say though, still alot of fun and a day I’ll not soon forget.