Current Followers Feedback

Likes & Dislikes 
What did you love and what did you hate
about the discstars tour in the past.  Most importantly,
how do you wish to see change.

5 thoughts on “Current Followers Feedback”

  1. Shaving strokes is unfortunately a common trait of up and coming championship quality players. Most of all, Discstars caters to mostly this group. Sure we have our top flight players whom have collected a few discgolf trophies here and there, but our league is mostly comprised of very good players. Believe me as I write this, it is of the utmost important to us in the Discstars league to straighten this thing out.

  2. Playing head-to-head will show a better gage of talent in the field. Cheating won’t happen when you’re playing 5 people at once. Less tournaments, with more meaning, and handicapping will hopefully follow due to a points driven system from head-to-head challenges where your total doesn’t matter but to da foo’s you playin!!

  3. There were way too many people shaving strokes this year. Every time I threw one of my best rounds I always got burned by some guy that I beat like 20 times before. We need a way to referee this.