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Our Disc Golf Discs selection comes with the expertise of many years of practice from a variety of throwers and throwing styles.  From Novice to Master, there is a disc golf disc for everyone.  Check out our reviews and selection below.

Discraft discs for sale

Discraft discs offer some of the best plastic designs on the market.  Their drivers seem to hold a consistent line from one disc to the next.  As leaders in the disc golf industry, Discraft is always producing the next best thing in the disc golf industry.  Give one of their over-stable drivers a rip and you will be sold.


Innova Discs for Sale

 Innova Disc Golf continues to dominate the market with their wide variety of discs and plastics.  If you can’t throw at least one of their models a country mile, then set your equipment down and slowly walk away from the sport.  Ha!  Innova Star Plastic drivers are commonly found in champions bags and are preferred by many pros.  Most players I know will always keep a few champion plastic models around as they are very consistent.

   Latitude 64 makes the most durable plastic discs on the market that sustain many trees, sidewalks, and hopefully chain strikes.  The only one’s I have lost permanently live in the bottom of a pond or river somewhere.  We offer  many of their popular models and recommend them to all present and future players.   

Latitude 64 Discs for Sale

  After testing numerous disc golf disc models over the years, some models were good, while others were better.  It seemed as if the plastic was getting better, but for some reason, the discs were not that consistent in quality.  The discs that flew the best would get damaged the quickest.  I thought I was on a never ending money pit of disc golf discs.  Then, Latitude 64 was born.