This Saturday will start off with the team championship at Tinicum Park @ 10am. This is a pick your own partner team championship, with both winning team members receiving a star plastic disc. We will have a campsite set just off the first tee.

Sunday will be an event for seasoned throwers, as this course is a monster. With more par 4’s than any other course in the area, and even a par 5, this course will be a 3-person per team tournament that will surely test the best discs in everyone’s bag.
Tee time will be @ 10am with no discs being awarded for this event.

Be sure and check out Discstars.com for all
directions and information regarding these events, and please email which event’s you will be attending.



  1. i work til 9pm on weekdays and i will be at the jordan ammo on sunday so i wont be able to get away from the wife for both weekend days. Just be careful not to fall off those elevated tee pads at long trout.

  2. i will be playin with denny tuesday at covered bridge, and at long trout on saturday. so gunk, come on out and play with us man, it would be cool to see ya out there again.

  3. they will move again after long trout. Each participant gets 1 point per event, and points depending on placement. If someone does not respond to their invitation within 48hrs. their invitation is passed on to the next person in points down the line. If you win long trout, you will have 11points, which should seed you into the lower brackets of the tournament with any no shows not attending. I did not know that you fought a battle with cancer Bri, good for you man. Many in my family were taken from it, and I salute you for the fight.

  4. 1 more dumb question..Are the current seedings finalized right now or will they move around one last time after the long trout thing. I want to predict the winners of the bracket just like it was march madness.

  5. looking at the current seedings for the final jordan creek event … what if someone does not show up does that mean that person that is playing him in the first round gets a bye ? I volunteer to be an alternate if someone does not show up.

  6. i have been wearing that jersey this year as a reminder that it was the same jersey that i was wearing 15 years ago when i broke the shoulder and also as a reminder to keep positive in my winning fight against cancer from earlier this year.