First Day out!

Snow Golf?

We will be playing discgolf this Saturday, February 19th


For all who are interested.
Feel free to list if you are playing under this blog, as many may want to challenge you.

16 thoughts on “First Day out!”

  1. Funny you would say that when i know for a fact that two of them beat you in a contest just last year. Check your book from 2001 dude, I’m sure you may find a few more. Either way, we have always offered you a place to play, whether or not you “thought” you were too good for anybody. This whole thread has just been a bunch of whining, and that is not what the Discstars stand for. We have fun, and lately it has been without you. It’s a shame dude, because I know who you truly are on the course……and it’s definitely a different person than the guy who racks up mileage talking down to our blog. This much I can assure you…..I am done talking about this useless nonesense. This week is going to be fun boys….may the best man win.

  2. Not hating , just bored. There are no pro level players in disc stars. I would rather get my ass kicked by a great player than beat rec level guys 100 times. I’ll keep watching the members list and if someone decent signs on i will consider it. Even Yount should admit to the lack of competion as he has 66 year old denny ranked 3rd best all time. That being said when i am fifty i wont even be half the player that denny or walt is now. But for now i like playing against guys my own skill level and the current members list does not have any.

  3. Yount My first 5 years of playing i kept track of all my wins and losses and whom i beat. I kept track in a notebook and then i put them on my computer in 2001. Since 2001 i stopped keeping track of wins and losses in casual play. I dont even keep track of how i did in actual p.d.g.a. tournaments. To me a win is a win or a loss is a loss,, no big deal. There are other websites that keep track of players stats like this one such as dgcr or discs united. I am members there but dont use them. If the weather is alright for this saturday i might be there but wont sign up on the website. I think keeping track of your wins and losses is for younger guys. At 41 it really does nothing for me. Now on the other hand playing for money would keep my interest. So if would guarantee that you will pony up for this saturday i will be there for sure.

  4. Gunk, number one… don’t have the Benjamin to put up for such a menial task. #2 If you do pony up the loot, for my 100th win I will challenge you to $100. It would be nice to challenge you, but I fear that you would never sign up for this thing, because if it is one thing I think you fear the most, is having a permanent record of your losses for all to see. Lord knows we have enough members here who can hand you them repeatedly.

  5. I dont know man. I am thinking the weak ones are the ones that wont accept my REAL challenge. 100 bucks ,, now that’s a REAL challenge.
    C’mon Yount, Ondush and others you’ve been playing for many years now , are you going to step up ?
    Yount i will post the competion website on some other websites to help you get some members.