JORDAN One n’ Done

One n’ Done

  Last weekends event was great with a total of 26 competitors overall.  Pete Berkey and Chad Shanaberger finished in the top five for the first time with the discstars tour after playing as a twosome to start off the event on a beautiful Saturday morning.  Many of our top throwers were chased out early by landing in the Pond on #5 to include Rojas and Spence. 
  The Mighty Zach Rex claims yet another title with a +2 (60) as the winner.  That makes 4 titles in a row for Rex who is last years defending Discstars champion.

1.  Zach Rex
2.  Denny Barr
3.  Pete Berkey
4.  Chad Shanaberger
Pee Yount
5.  Johnny Blaze