Long Trout Hippie Winery Disc Golf Event

Saturday, May 30th
Tee time 1:30PM

It’s time for the all anticipated Long Trout winery event! We will be teeing off at 1:30pm this time due to the winery opening at 1pm.
Feel free to invite friends as this one of a kind winery boasts bold flavors and one heck of a wacky disc golf course. Covered with trees and tricky wooden platform tees, this course has all the right ingredients for a good time. Feel free to bring food (OK’d by Long Trout Ownership) to soak up all the wine, and have a blast.

Winner receives a star plastic driver!
Winning Rookie receives a champion plastic driver and is crowned rookie champ!

This is the last chance for seeding points in the TOONi Cup!



  1. what a day..good to see you out there gunkel, and i want to get out with you soon…i had a roller coaster day..with bad breaks of putts getting me on the back side…jordan has some openness, so this should be a shootout. can’t wait…be ready all, cause it will be funnnnnnnnnn

  2. Well it will be interesting to see where the final rankings are going to be. It will be hard for me to pick a winner when the new bracket is laid out. I saw a very determined Ondush play like he wanted to win badly and yet i saw the number 1 ranked player play like he wanted to get it over with and start drinking wine early. There are 5 guys right now that i could predict to win it next week . It will be that close . One bad throw and they could lose it all or one great putt and they could bring home the cup. who will win ? who will fail ? Stay tuned for my in depth analysis of each and every matchup.