New Rankings

2010 Top Discstars Throwers

1.  Zach Rex  
2.  Brad Hoffman
3.  Denny Barr
4.  Pete Berkey
5.  Pee Yount
6.  Alex Green
7.  John DiSantis Sr.
8.  Rick Ortiz 
9.  Wes Yocum
10.  John DiSantis Jr.
11.  Johnson E. Blaze
12.  Reid Ruhmel
13.  Dan Holmes
14.  Sean Ondush
15.  Brad Beckwith

  If you would like to challenge a top thrower on this board, then call them out by leaving a post on this blog.  We will gladly post the results of your victory if you win and take it in to consideration pending the results of the next Discstars event.

17 thoughts on “New Rankings”

  1. This past season was great. I had the opportunity to meet some great throwers and the prizes Dodos provided were ideal. We met some phenomenal discgolfers this year who bolstered the ranks and made every contest a shootout. We are currently fine tuning the site and league so stay tuned for our many updates in the near future.

  2. What a great tournament! Although the field was thinner than others their certainly was all of the top throwers out there. Finally Zach Rex was unseated by the long awaited Jake. I never thought Gunkel would lose either, but I also know he has been a little rusty since his latest break from the sport. All in all a great day!

  3. No Rex , i meant i was calling you out to end your win streak . Your streak ended – just not by me 🙁
    Our scores of 45,46 and 47 not to shabby though. Thanks for returning my disc. Who was the anonymous poster that said he shot a -10 ? I wonder what he shot on Saturday.