New Season Begins!

2010 Discstars Tour
Sponsored by Dodo’s Disc Golf Shop
Allentown, PA

Opening Day MAY 2nd
Location Lehigh Parkway
Allentown, PA

The Discstars Season will have it’s first event on May 2nd and all are welcome. This will be a team event of mixed doubles, so you can blame your early mistakes on someone else in the end. There will be many exciting events and prizes this year as we kick off yet another great disc golf season.

19 thoughts on “New Season Begins!”

  1. Hell yeh…2010 season getting ready to start, I had an awesome time playing with everyone last year and definately looking forward to again, see you Sunday!

  2. just to let everyone know that the blue mtn course will reopen on may 22nd and they are in the process of finalizing the base course as well. It will also be ready on may 22nd. 2 nice courses with concrete tees on the same property.. pretty cool.For info and prices go to:

  3. The event will be a random draw mixed doubles. This basically means that the teams will be comprised of people who have just met. All discs will be pooled together in the middle, and random teams will be drawn. This levels the playing field and allows all participants to get a feel for different styles of play. A completely anonymous person will select the teams simply by putting discs together in groups of two.

  4. Ondush Here..
    Sorry forgot my password, but Hello all…just lettin ya’ll know that I will be out at some point this year, but not until after my second daughter is born. Wife is due at the end of May to beginning of June. Ya’ll will just have to shape up your games till I arrive. And I do get out, but early in the a.m. when I can play quick, so rust will be removed!

  5. Pretty much every member from last year will play at least a few exents including me. Expect some crazy stuff as far as tournaments go. I will play when I can get back, but will be instrumental in helping Berkey run this thing smoothly. I can’t wait to get out there with you again Brad.

  6. Hells yeah this year is going to be special because this guy isn’t going to choke at the end like I did last year. Plus any excuse to beat Berkey at his own tourney is very worthwhile. Are you going to be in it still this year, Brian? What about Ondush? I still wanna match up against him.