Register Here for TOONi CUP

The TOONi Cup is here!
June 6th
Tee times start @ 10am

The Top 16 ranked discgolfers
must confirm their availability by
no later than 5pm Wednesday, June 3rd
or lose their spot. This is a 16 person invitation

The following discgolfers must confirm here
by wednesday:

1. Pee Yount
2. Denny Barr
3. Jesse Young
4. Sean Ondush
5. Kellen Hartz
6. Zach Rex
7. Eric Spence
8. Walter Ernst
9. Dan McIlhaney
10. Brad Beckwith
11. Tim Buck
12. Greg Englert
13. Mark Heller
14. Sam Yocum
15. Fernando Rojas
16. Jay Bennett

If all 16 slots are not filled by 5pm Wednesday
a post will be left on the blog stating how many slots are available.

The first person to post to the blog will receive that spot.

105 thoughts on “Register Here for TOONi CUP”

  1. We are going to start this thing off with the following flights in order:

    1. Ruhmel vs. Yount
    2. W. Yocum vs. Barr
    3. McIlhaney vs. Ernst
    4. Beckwith vs. Spence
    5. S. Yocum vs. Hartz
    6. Buck vs. Rex
    7. Rojas vs. Ondush
    8. Bennett vs. Young