Saturday 28th 10AM

A Great doubles match was played today with several outstanding throws, and putts. Gunkel has proven his dominance yet again (even throwing lefty) while Spence lit the course on fire.
Ondush provided some interesting tomahawk shots next to the pin, but the most impressive shots were from the newcomers. With the season in full swing, I believe a morning run at Jordan Creek may be in order. I would prefer to stick to the 10AM time slot.

24 thoughts on “Saturday 28th 10AM”

  1. you know,, looking at the schedule i might not be able to make most of these tour dates. Next week is my birthday then the next 2 i will be in charlotte. Then theres long trout winery which i hate . I am thinking maybe nockamixon in may. Ah what the heck just put me up to the number one ranking spot where i belong.