Saturday April 24th @ South Mountain

Conquer the Mountain
Saturday April 24th 10am start
South Mountain, Bethlehem, PA

This week we find ourselves trying to conquer the frustrating South Mountain trees. This event should prove exciting, with several top throwers unable to make the trip (Rex, Barr, etc.) and a whole flood of rookies showing up, it should be a key way for some top guys to sneak into the top ten or advance.
Every time I play this course, it’s either -1 or +15 on the scorecard, and very seldom in between. Leave the sandals at home! This is a rocky course.


20 thoughts on “Saturday April 24th @ South Mountain”

  1. If I could play the front to what I usually do, I would have smoked it out there today…I finished the back at even, but just couldn’t catch a break after smacking the disc off the front of the pins.

  2. Unfortunately Eric Spence got into a car accident and won’t be able to make it. He is Ok, but needs some time to find a new ride and recouperate. and on another note, he is not the anonymous comment writer.