Saturday Night Golf in June

  On Saturday, June 4th at 9 pm we will be enjoying a round of night golf at Jordan Park.  All are welcome to play as we will be starting off at hole 6, so park in the far lot next to the farming gardens.  We will set up the course prior to the event so make sure you have your gear set up for glow golf.  Just comment below if you are not sure as to what you will need.

6 thoughts on “Saturday Night Golf in June”

  1. definitely bringing my camera…..thanks for the reminder. Also, we will be playing for $5 a round with teams to be decided before tee off. Whatever team wins, takes home all the cash…………………….Poppa needs new shoes.

  2. I be der””….. Will be setting up course at 7pm with a round, and the official round will begin around 9pm. Glow sticks will be placed on every hole, with some glow markers on fairways of longer holes. Should be a good time, and hope to see you there. I will only be challenging anyone in my foursome, but feel free to come for just fun as well.