Shootout at Knocky 12:30 Sunday 13th

Daylight Savings Massacre
Sunday March 13th

     Teams of Three will try and conquer the mighty Lake Nockamixon Course on Sunday March 13th.  Top teams like Gunkel, with Ben and Scott followed by Young, Yount and Ondush should be quite a shootout. 
     We are looking to have a great day out on the course so feel free to bring a three man team to the table and see what damage you believe you can do to the mighty Nocky.

Starts at 1pm so be there 15 minutes early.Dont forget daylight savings time starts so put your clocks ahead 1 hour the night before. The course is located in lot 13. Turn in at the marina entrance.

8 thoughts on “Shootout at Knocky 12:30 Sunday 13th”

  1. -7…
    Imagine having to play 2 rounds there in a tournament. Actually Scott played there on friday and twice on saturday and then with us on sunday. I wish my back and hips could handle that.