South Mountain Final Results

South Mountain Final Results
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Today was a beautiful day that I wish I could play all over again. The wonderful trees of South Mountain crushed my Flick today, and sent many competitors frustratingly wandering through the woods. The Top 5 worked for every stroke today, and made the best of a beautiful day. It’s always great to play with you guys…….and girls, each and every time. Looking forward to Victory Park in a few weekends. The rankings are quite shook up, and will be posted by this evening.

1. Greg Englert +3
2. Brad Beckwith +5
Sam Yocum
3. Sean Ondush +7
Pee Yount
4. Walter Ernst +10
Rick Ortiz
5. Pete Berkey +11
Eric Zimmerman
6. Jesse Young +12
7. Danny Mack +14
8. Nick Berg +15
9. Kellen Hartz +17
Chad Shanaberger
10. Ryan Lowe +21
11. Aubrey +47

13 thoughts on “South Mountain Final Results”

  1. The weather turned out to be pretty good. I played 3 and a half rounds. I had a garbage can full of missed 15 foot putts so the best score was 5 under and the worst was even par. I figure i will need to shoot a 7 under score of 47 to win the open next week. Arm hurts too much i dont think i have a chance – at least they will have free hot dogs.