St. Patty’s Shootout

St. Patty’s Shootout at the Winery
Saturday  March 17th @ 1pm

     Welcome one and all to a time of a discin’ at the Long Trout Winery.  Many of our top throwers will be in the field as Veterans Gunkel, Ondush, McIlhaney, Shooter Schwoyer, Young, Santee, and Yount and others prepare to once again solve the crazy lanes at Long Trout Winery.  With the Tour just around the corner, many of our new rookies are tearing up the courses as Bentz, Masters and Achey have been racking up the wins.  It’s anybody’s ballgame at the winery as many of our top competitors get eaten alive by their many trees. “Think South Mountain on steroids”!

12 thoughts on “St. Patty’s Shootout”

  1. Long Trout Winery Results

    1. Aaron Santee +1
    2. Kurt Butchy +1
    3. Brian Gunkel +3
    4. Sean Ondush +6
    5. Jesse Young +7
    6. Aaron Masters +8
    7. Pee Yount +9
    8. Denny Barr +9
    9. Dan McIlhaney +11
    10. Ryan Loveless +12
    11. Stephen Bentz +12
    12. Jason Bennett +15
    13. Brian Achey +15
    14. Barry McIlhaney +20