Sunday February 27th @ Jordan Creek 10am

Sunday, February 27th

10am at Jordan Creek, 

Whitehall, Pennsylvania

  Several of our discstars members will be available to challenge on Sunday, so dust off the rust and get your season off to a good start.  Please let other members know if you are coming…….or just show up.  If you want to challenge someone at the event, you can challenge them with your mobile phone.  Challenges are never mandatory.  Best of Luck to all.

34 thoughts on “Sunday February 27th @ Jordan Creek 10am”

  1. off the top of my head holes 7 and 10 will be really muddy this time of year. 7 is the downhill chuck with the marina on the right hand side and 10 is the par 5 with the tee by the bathroom. i would think hole 18 that runs opposite of number 10 is going to be really soggy as well. Out of the six of us playing does anyone want to do a random pick for the teams or stay with young vs old ?

  2. no gunk, not singles. team but challenge the other 3, and if your team wins, you get 3 wins. doesn’t matter though, i am looking forward to a nice round. it is a beautiful course and best time to play before it grows in.

  3. Alright, since reid cant play on the 13th it would be great if jesse can take his spot. So at 1 pm in the sixome we will have team “old and useless” consisting of Gunk , walt and denny vs. team “young but got no chance” consisting of yount, ondush and jesse. I know sean said something about making it singles but quite honestly i have no interest in recording wins and losses.Reid we will get together some other time. I will show you the course in spring city or another friend of mine has one in myerstown. Both are about 45 minutes away from allentown. Just know in advance the one in spring city they ask for a 5 dollar donation but the one in myerstown is free.
    Jesse i am not a legend. Any good player can EASILY beat me. The only reason i talk crap on here is because mostly it is made of novice players. I would not even dare talk it up against some of the local guys that are really good. Actually i played walt at south mountain this weekend and he had an early lead on me and it took me a while before i pulled ahead. He played great shooting a 61. I think par at nockamixon is 67. My best is a 71.No foot faults no muligans. I love the course for its scenery and water holes. Alright, enough rambling.

  4. Jeez Gunk, touchy, touchy….

    we can be toolbags and pussies; but being credited as one of the best players (I) have played with and asking for your company on the course once in the next year at a regular old round certainly does raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

    a tournament would be neat. i’ve only done two paid events and they certainly couldn’t be considered legit tournaments. i’ll check it out and see if there is something i can work out. certainly the purpose would be to get me in front of a bunch of strangers in a non-friendly and embarrass me. whatever. i don’t have professional aspirations. i’m more interested in being good enough to play just under to just over par wherever i go – scratch i think. no there yet, but i’ve got time.

    regrettably the 13th does not work for me. i have a standing family obligation second sunday of every month. where is spring city? could we possibly push teams off a week?

  5. Just confirmed with denny and walt. March 13th is good for them.
    Rules are.
    1. you guys must throw first on each hole to allow walt to get a breather.
    2. 14 holes will be played as best disc. 4 holes will be played as worst disc. The worst disc holes will be decided by you guys before we tee off on the hole.

  6. Reid , how about playing in a tournament. Check out the schedule for the 2001 mr disc golf tour and pick out one and we will both pre reg in pro. There are about 20 to choose from. As of right now i am only pre regged in one of them. You can play in that one or choose another and i will do that one also. Here is the one i am already in.
    the schedule can be found at
    All of these events will sell out (90 players) so you must pre-register to play. Oh yeah, i am not the best. If i were the same age as Denny, walt or that mark disantis guy they would all kick my butt by 30 throws.