The best that have ever done it here at

The best that have ever done it here at, 
according to Pee Yount.

The past five years doing this discgolf thing, I have run across a list of players in my mind whom I have played with in tournaments provided by my company in it’s history.  These in my mind are the best……………….Now let the trash talking behind the final rank begin!  
-Pee Yount
Former Discstar Champion and founder.

1. Zach Rex
2. Brian Gunkel
3. Denny Barr
4. Jake Wayler 
5. Reid Ruhmel
6. Jesse Young
7. Brad Beckwith
8. Eric Spence
9. Sean Ondush
10. Brad Hoffman
11. Mark Heller
12. Greg Englert
13. Wes Yocum
14. Walter Ernst
15. Rick Ortiz
16. John DiSantis Sr.
17. Pete Berkey
18. Jason Albright
19. Eric Bugbee
20. Jay Bennett
21. Sam Yocum 
22. Fernando Rojas
23. Nick Berg
24. Johnson E. Blaze
25. Dan McIlhaney
26. Kellen Hartz
27. Eric Zimmerman
28. Chad Shanaberger
29. Timmy Buck
30. Randy Veitch

Theres my list.

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  1. Unfortunately there will not be a discstars championship this year, as we are moving in a new direction. I learned many things through the years and am implementing a new competition software for our league. This software will track records, matches, and even allow for placing wagers on matches………say for $2900 #2! Tournaments will be fewer in the upcoming season with much larger prize selection and cash. Please continue to follow the site for all up and coming changes.

  2. Hey Yount this year Discstars stopped after the wehrs dam thing and a final event was not done this year. How about a finale at Camp Sankanac ? Since you are off on Sundays i assume that would work best for you.How about Sunday December the 5th ? Pastor jeff obviously works on Sundays but he would like to meet everyone that would want to play. He could be there at 12:30 on that Sunday.
    They ask for a 3 dollar donation to play . That money goes to the maintenance of the course. The 3 dollars is not mandatory to play. If anyone cant afford to give the 3 bucks then they can still gladly play the course without a problem. So how about it? Sankanac on the 5th at 12:30 ?
    Copy and paste the link below to read some of the nice reviews the course has gotten. You can also view some photos of the course.

  3. Brian P Yount said “Each week i’ll tell a small story on each rank, from the bottom to the top.”

    One week has gone by and no story. I want a story every week. Oh and instead of starting from the bottom to the top i suggest starting at the top and work your way down. That way after 2 weeks (should be one)i can stop reading.

  4. about a month ago when i was first told to go public with this course this is what i had to say about it…

    Just to let everyone know there is a great course now open to the public on a limited basis out near Boyertown, PA. It is called Camp Sankanac. It has been in the ground for about 5 years and designed by Pastor Jeff Scholl. Through the help of Jeff LaGrassa some of the holes were tweaked and what they have there is a course that i would compare to Jordan Creek in Whitehall. It plays about 7300 feet and a pro par of 60. It showcases the creek that runs through it with uphill, downhill, open and wooded holes. Camp Sankanac is a childrens christian campground that happens to have disc golf course on it. The camp director has generously agreed to open the disc golf course to the public for the first time. As of now the course is free to play however in the future they will build a kiosk with a donation box. They will ask for a 3 dollar donation which will help to maintain the course. This will only be a donation and not a requirement to play. You can play this course from labor day until memorial day. The course is open on monday through friday 9 am to 4 pm. It is open on sundays from 11 am to 5 pm. All disc golfers must be finished with their round no later than 5 pm on sundays and 4 pm on the weekdays. The course will be CLOSED on saturdays. Please go to this website to read a little about camp sankanac and the general disc golf rules there.
    Please do not litter on the course , dont use foul language and no drugs or alcohol will be permitted on the property.
    The course was added to disc golf course review dot com . If you play the course and you would like to write your own review please do so. The link for camp sankanac on disc golf course review is here.
    As of now it is not mandatory that you call ahead to play the course however they would like to know how many people are out using it. You can call ahead just to let them know if you plan on going there or just to say thank you for opening it to the public. Their number is 610-469-6320. The course address is 68 Bertolet School , Spring City, PA, 19475. Just park in the lot and the first hole is at the far end of the lot . The hole goes over the creek and the road is not out of bounds .
    Several photos of the course have been added and a review of the course was written by the LaGrassa.
    They will be having a tournament there on November 27 and the best T.D. in Pennnsylvania Mike Solt will be running it.

  5. I would love to play but unfortunately I am forced to work mandatory 60 hour 6day weeks for my new company. Sundays are all I’ve got. However I have met both of the guys running this tournament and can honestly say that you will never meet two nicer guys. If anyone is available for this one, please sign up as it will be a lot of fun.

  6. Anyone looking a doubles tournament on nov 27th? This is not run by the lvdc. It will be run by mike solt and pastor jeff scholl.. If you want more info on the course just ask. I have been playing this course for 5 years and i can honestly compare it to jordan creek. It is that good, all on private property. This is the first year my friend has opened the course to the public. We are hoping for a nice turnout on the 27th.

  7. you should have a top ten list for biggest loudmouth clown trash talker of all time. That being said.. if all of the other top 29 guys put 100 bucks in a hat and we were to have a competition for the cash (cause you know i need motivation or i play down to the competition) Lets just say i would be $ 2900.00 richer in a few hours.

  8. this is a list of the best that I have played over the years. Walter is certainly a great competitor, but even he would tell you that although he can hang with the best of them……..their are many who are climbing the ranks much more aggressively. As for your ranking…you are right where you belong. Some of us just keep a certain level of competitive technique within us no matter how much practice we had the week, month, or year before. You are one of those competitors.