Unami Creek Final Results

The Mighty UNAMi Results

Last weeks challenge found many top throwers battling it out at the beautiful Unami Creek course in Quakertown.  Zach Rex has yet to be defeated in a Discstars event as he has now claimed his fifth title in 5 events.  The top five filled out nicely with a strong three way tie for second.  With 22 throwers in the field, the next event should be tougher to crack the top 5.

1. Zach Rex
2. Denny Barr
 John DiSantis Sr.
Brad Hoffman
3. Pete Berkey
4. Adam Rittenhouse
5. Alex Green
6. Rick Ortiz
Brian Thompson
7. Johnson E. Blaze
Wes Yocum
8. Brian Barber
Keith Doncsecz
Dan Pattrell
9. Joey Belac
10. Colin Thistle