Victory Park Final Results

It was a beautiful morning in Slatington with many new faces in the field. Denny Barr capitalized on Pee Yount’s missed 4 ft. putt in overtime to seal the win, while many others followed close behind. Jesse Young’s 4 birdie rally fell just short of winning, but placed him into a solid third. The rankings were shaken up a bit yet again with several top throwers moving up the ranks. Walter found himself into the top early on, but slipped on the final hole to fall to fourth. Great playing, and can’t wait for the team championship at Tinicum Park!

1. Denny Barr (even)
2. Pee Yount (even)
3. Jesse Young (+2)
4. Jay Bennett (+3)
Randy Veitch
Walter Ernst
5. Danny McIlhaney (+11)
Kellen Hartz
6. Timmy Buck (+13)
7. Denise Worman (+24)

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