Walter Ernst: Player of the Year

Steady as she goes…….

Walter Ernst was our most consistent player week in and week out. Just as suspected, Walter snuck up on many competitors during the cup, until finally watching his season come to a close on Heart Attack Hill vs. eventual champion Rex. Walter was the symbol of what Discstars are all about. Not the flashiest car on the lot……but the one that always gets you home. Thank you for a wonderful season Walter.

4 thoughts on “Walter Ernst: Player of the Year”

  1. It was my pleasure to play with everyone of you. It is my hope that we can contiue playing in the same, or similar, type of tour. We don’t need to keep a point system, or give a disc to the weekly winner, and just go and have a lot of fun playing.

  2. Congrats Walter. I couln’t have even played without you and your disc retreiver pole (18 foot extension…what?) Thanks for a great tour and check the blog because we will probably be posting some dates for future games.

  3. Thank you for the compliment. I had a very enjoyable time playing with, and againt everyone this year. I hope that we will do it again next year.
    Hope to run into all of you sometime this summer, so we can enjoy another round of play.