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What is Disc Golf?

What is disc golf

What is Disc Golf?Well, the sport of disc golf is a growing phenomenon that has taken over many local parks and recreation areas as a free challenging form of exercise. As more time has passed, this recreational activity has grown to become a competitive sport that attracts millions of new followers each year. Disc golf is a growing sport that offers a cheap alternative to the popular sport of ball golf. As it’s rules are virtually identical to that of ball golf, it is easy for many to understand and master. As the Internet has grown, so too has the popularity of disc golf.

Disc Golf Car PrizeDisc golf as a sport was established in 1974 when a group of people gathered in California to compete in a golf-like sport for the prize of a new car (Palmeri, 2008).  The sport was played with both men and women competing and was comprised of a course set up with 18 baskets instead of traditional golf holes.  Each player was required to throw their disc into the basket to score on the hole, much like putting in real golf.  Each hole varied in length and difficulty and the person who made the most shots in the fewest attempts was declared the winner.  Since that day disc golf has exploded onto the scene as an up and coming sport.  From just that one course built in 1973 there is now a list compiling over 5000 permanently installed courses in the United States alone.

Needless to say the sport of disc golf has grown quite a bit since 1973, and even has a Professional Disc Golf Association where members travel the globe to compete for an annual purse of over 1 million dollars in prize money each year.  To learn more about “Steady Ed” (founder of disc golf and Frisbee inventor) and the amazing game of disc golf, check out our History of Disc Golf page for the incredible tale of “Steady Ed” and what began the question….What is Disc Golf?.