Winter Disc Golf

winter disc golfAs an avid disc golfer, It’s tough to catch a good day for Winter Disc Golf.

I always find it tough to get out during the winter months as travel, course navigation, and brutal conditions often interfere with my ideal tee times. However, the winter offers a disc golf experience like no other. Play a round with some friends during a snowstorm and experience a whole other world out on the course.

The insulation of the snow provides a noiseless environment like no other, and the best part! All the trash and litter is covered. It’s the cleanest the course has been in months.  We get together for several rounds through the winter months so feel free to fill out our contact form to be added to the group.

A tip from Pee:

As the winter game allows for harder playing surfaces and naked trees, the skip shot is a clever tool to a great score and helps you to avoid the windy conditions.

  Here are a collection of great winter disc golf  videos.  Now get out there and huck!